About LaunchX LLC

Our favorite question to ask people is what they would be doing for a living if not the job they have. More often than not the response is, “Running my own business!” For most, the reasons they give for not taking the plunge are lack of time or money, and, most importantly, they just don’t know where to start. We started LaunchX to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need to turn their business idea into a thriving company.

In developing the LaunchX System, we spent countless hours working with both startups and operating small businesses to define the areas that every entrepreneur needs to know in order to succeed. As it turns out, most have a pretty clear idea of the operations of their business, but are less confident about the general business aspects. We learned that the most common, and most devastating, failures tend to involve one or more of three categories – planning, marketing, and financial management.

Armed with this information, we set out to develop a startup system that provides the ultimate foundation for each of these areas. In addition, we paid extra attention to our own startup process to ensure that the included information was comprehensive enough to cater to a variety of business models. The resulting program is different than we originally planned, as often happens in the R&D stage, but is the most complete startup program available on the market.

Of all the startups we have worked on over the years, LaunchX is by far the most exciting! Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs develop their own success stories is a reward in itself. We am always gratified to see our product as the catalyst for people with great ideas to follow their dreams.

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