Parade magazine, that ubiquitous Sunday newspaper insert, ran their annual salary survey this weekend. I found several things in the article to be quite interesting. Here are some of the highlights of what people earned:

Working for Others:

  • Janitor – $39,800
  • Dance Instructor – $10,000
  • Call Center Manager – $85,700
  • Tractor Salesman – $58,100

Owning a Business

  • Motel Owner – $440,000
  • CEO Facebook – $3 billion
  • Ad Consultant – $110,000

One thing that I just want to point out is that all the people listed under “working for others” could be owners of their own businesses, doing substantially similar work to what they are doing now. Owning your own business is one of the best ways to increase your personal wealth — and there is a business idea that will work for you!

Starting a Business? Start Here. Go Far.