Recently I picked up a marketing handout at our local skating rink for a self-defense/martial arts studio. There were several things about it that made it an excellent first-contact marketing piece:

1 – Size – It was about 3″ x 4″, so bigger than a business card but still small enough to put in my pocket and take with me.

2 – Colors – The colors were bright reds, yellows and white — eyecatching without being obnoxious.

3 – Information – All the information I’d need to contact them was included: phone number, adddress, and website URL.

4 – Content – The back of the card was printed with “street safety” tips of what to do in some emergency situations, such as being mugged, locked in the trunk of a car, and, heaven forbid, being threatened with a gun.

When you put those four things together, the marketing piece served as an excellent way for me to find out about their business, consider them experts in their field, and keep their information until I had time to make contact. When you are starting a business, consider these four factors when you are creating your first-contact marketing pieces.

Starting a Business? Start Here. Go Far.