Lots of people talk about how much they want to start a business. They are tired of the workaday life, where there is nothing they can do to improve their own lot in life. They are bored with the routine of staying within their job description, and they are frustrated at seeing their own blood, sweat and tears turn into profits for somebody who is NOT them.

People have dreams of taking control of their lives, setting their own schedules, and breaking free of the restrictive nature of being an employee. They want an opportunity to make more money, or spend more time on family or hobbies, or to work on something they really enjoy doing. There are as many reasons for wanting to be entrepreneurs as there are actual and potential entrepreneurs.

There is just one thing that separates the would-bes from the actually-ares: commitment to make a change. Sure, there are other reasons (excuses) people make to explain away their unwillingness to start their own business, but at the end of the day all those excuses are a simple lack of commitment to change.

There is always a way to get around obstacles – if you need the steady paycheck, start the business in your spare time. If you have trouble motivating yourself, find a partner or mentor to work with. If you are risk-averse and frozen by fear, treat the planning process like therapy. If you don’t have skills that you believe can translate into a successful business, read and learn. If you don’t have cash to pour in to a startup, save up, sell things, do side-jobs. Whatever is holding you back, there are plenty of ways to work around it as long as you have the commitment to do so.

Obsessing about the laundry list of reasons you have for wishing you worked for yourself and all the excuses why you don’t is a recipe for aggravation and depression. Make small changes today that will put you on the right track. Instead of eating out, buy a frozen dinner and put the difference in your startup piggy bank. Visit businesses in your area that do what you want to do. Attend networking events. Start talking to everyone you know about your business idea. Order the LaunchX System and get to work planning your future.

Whatever steps you take, no matter how small, you will at least be moving in the right direction. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

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