Detlef Schobert at the American Express OPEN Forum stated recently¬†”Businesses succeed when they produce something special, something different than what can already be found out there.” This is especially true when you are starting a business. It is not to say that you must have something that has never been seen before, but only that you have a unique approach, something that sets you apart from the competition. A few examples of unique approaches that I’ve seen recently:

  • A florist with concierge service — you sign up, tell them your important dates and occasions, give them the names and addresses of the recipients, and they call you prior to the date to take your order, recommend specific arrangements, and then send it all out. No more forgotten birthdays and anniversarys.
  • A dog training business that provides all types of classes — from basic puppy manners through competitive conformation, obedience and agility. Their unique selling proposition is that they have everything under one roof, something not available at any other facility in town.
  • A plumbing repair business that provides all services on a fixed price basis. You pay a flat rate to fix a leaky faucet, no matter whether it takes them five minute or five hours to do the job.

Your unique selling proposition can be related to the products or services you offer, the customer service you provide, the shopping or dining atmosphere, the pricing structure, the customer follow-up, or your guarantees. What is important is that you identify what makes you different from the competition and use that as a basis for selling your business!

Starting a Business? Start Here. Go Far.